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Professional Education

In addition to the knowledge transfer that takes place in daily collaborations between us and our partners, RISE offers a competence development for a professional, sustainable, competitive and lifelong learning. Our educational activities are aimed at both the business sector and the public sector.

Supply of competence development

RISE educational activities are aimed at both the business sector and the public sector. Our range includes everything from subject-specific courses and lectures to conferences, web-based education and facilitation of complex change processes in the form of workshops and seminars. The subject areas reflect the entire breadth of the RISE business areas. Many of our courses also result in certifications and validations.


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Tailored activities

RISE also provides tailored activities designed for the customer's specific needs according to wishes. It can involve smaller training efforts, such as individual lectures, workshops or conferences, but also be more comprehensive education programs, mobile education solutions, online education or distance learning. To learn more about what we can offer or to order an education, contact us via or contact the business in RISE that works in the relevant area.

Research on digitization and learning

RISE offers a context in which organizations in the education sector and active people in lifelong learning can participate in applied research projects, gain new knowledge, test products and systems and also gain access to both research and external analysis of digitization.


We need to transition to lifelong learning with a focus on future needs. Digitization creates new opportunities.

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