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A successful programme model

Each Programme Area consists of two parts: the “Precompetitive Research” (PCR) and the “Application Oriented Research” (AOR).

Within Precompetitive Research are activities related to fundamental questions gathered together with area outlooks and development of new analysis and testing methods, generic modelling and simulation tools to provide a toolbox which can be applied throughout a value chain. These activities are grouped into several research themes that will support the Application-Oriented Research projects.

The knowledge platform generated from the Precompetitive Research can be used for new technical solutions and applications in one or several Application-Oriented Research projects. These are normally multi-client projects but may, on request, be run bi-laterally.

The results from the Application-Oriented Research projects may afterwards be developed further to industrial reality together with customers through bi-lateral projects.

Intellectual property rights

The Precompetitive Research is partly supported by public funding and therefore the results will be owned and published by RISE. A publication can be delayed if a base patent application is preferable to secure RISE’s and the programme partners’ right to continue to do research or use it in applications. All parties in a Programme area will of course have a nonexclusive free right to use the results.

The Application-Oriented Research projects are kept separate from each other regarding Intellectual Property Rights, and other confidentiality matters. Only companies joining the consortium behind a specific application-oriented research project have access to all its results. The companies can choose to co-own a patent if this is applied for during the agreement period.