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The Bioeconomy Research Programme

Industry collaboration is an essential step in the transformation process to a future economy where many fossil-based raw materials are replaced by renewables. The Bioeconomy Research Programme is RISE contribution.

Our multi-client programme offers a unique business network, a meeting place for discussion and plenty of headspace for challenging ideas. Working together accelerates industrial transformation to the new bioeconomy.

Together, we will navigate the abundance of new technology while devotedly optimizing and improving current technology. Together, we will share the risk of exploring new biomaterials and processes and continuously steer our efforts to find the best-practice methods with consideration of energy, technical feasibility and material properties. Together, we will implement new technology in an existing infrastructure to equip businesses for a future in which consumer demands for natural, recyclable, premium and safe products are paramount.

The outcome of the conducted research is shared between the participating parties.

The demonstration economy

Our experts and project managers lead the research with the entire RISE infrastructure at their disposal including testbeds and demo plants.

Research efforts are communicated and evaluated as e.g. prototypes and pilot trials with client benefit as a performance indicator. Commercialization and large-scale manufacturing are addressed in new and high-risk research projects to better understand the requirements of a potential pilot scale production.

Only projects with sustainability declaration

The current Bioeconomy Research Programme 2018–2020 comprises 10 programme areas, designed to achieve client benefit, create value in new technologies and contribute to a sustainable circular society based on efficient use of renewable resources.

Each programme area has been evaluated according to the UN Sustainability Development Goals.