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AoI Material transformation

To reduce the climate burden and the depletion of the Earth’s resources, both Sweden and the rest of the world must adapt to sustainable materials and circular business models and production systems.

We have expertise within many different types of materials and its value-chains such as plastics, packaging, textiles, minerals, cement, glass, biomaterials, food, drugs, metals and electronics — and support development and innovation in all parts of the value chain from raw materials to processing, manufacturing and reuse. We also have a wide range of services within material development, processing technology, life-cycle analysis, sensory perception and durability.

The focus is on the following areas:

Circular transformation

At RISE we see circular transformation as an engine of innovation. We amass knowledge and tools for Swedish trade and industry and society to be able to transform visions into actions.

Jon Haag

Contact person

Jon Haag

Chef Affärs- och Innovationsområde Materialomställning

+46 10 516 56 01

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