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AoI Sustainable cities and communities

In the business and innovation area Sustainable Cities and Communities, RISE has brought together expertise in areas such as construction engineering, energy systems, circular transformation, infrastructure, ICT and design. We are enhancing capabilities to meet the development and innovation needs of cities and communities for sustainable transformation.

The sustainable cities and communities of the future are vibrant. They are equipped for a changed climate where green and blue surfaces dampen the effect of large volumes of water, and contribute to biodiversity, better health and greener urban environments. They promote integration, interaction and experiences, and offer a well-functioning, safe and secure everyday life for residents, visitors and entrepreneurs.

Through our networks, strategic innovation programmes, innovation platforms and large challenge-driven projects, both nationally and at EU level, we invite collaboration. New technologies, materials, processes and services are tested and verified in our testbeds and demonstration facilities. We also work with long-term strategies and policy change.

The business area focuses on six areas:

Sustainable viable districts

This focus area combines technology, health and behaviours – fields of expertise which are utilised, and complement one another, in a vibrant city.

Integrated infrastructure

We contribute to the development of smart, integrated solutions in the built environment so that energy, water, fibre-optics and transportation gain greater benefit from each other.

Resilient cities and communities

We support the capability of cities and communities to prevent and manage crises resulting from an increasingly complex society and changing climate and security situations.

Cities and societies in transformation

Globalisation, migration, urbanisation and digitalisation are intertwining the local with the global, resulting in the most monumental societal change in modern history for cities and communities. The focus area lends support in this complex transformation.

Connected cities

The focus area supports and drives the development of smart, sustainable cities with the support of data-driven innovation and applied ICT solutions.

Urban mobility

Our modes of transport inform how we build cities and societies. The focus area addresses this ongoing paradigm shift in terms of future transport and mobility in cities.

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Kristina Mjörnell

Affärs- och innovationsområdeschef

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