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2nd Frontiers in Antibiotic Drug Discovery (FiADD)

June 17-18 June a symposium organised by the Medicinal Chemistry Section of the Swedish Pharmaceutical Society will showcase future opportunities for antibiotic drug discovery in a stimulating environment.

How will new antibiotics will be discovered? Where and by whom? What challenges need to be adressed when developing them? The aim of the 2nd Frontiers in Antibiotic Drug Discovery 2019 is to look into the future.

One of the speakers is Johan Svensson from RISE who will present "Ultrashort and stable antimicrobial peptides, design principles and applications". RISE will also be part of the exhibition.

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This symposium will be streamed live for those who cannot attend physically.

Information about the event

Date: 17-18 juni

Place: Wallingatan 26A, Stockholm

For more information and programme go to the website of The Swedish Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences.