Thimeo Voigt at SICS.

Thimeo Voigt, leader of the Networked Embedded Systems group at SICS, demonstrates a sensor network. photo: lars nyman

Internet of Things to support communication

Publicerad 2011-08-16

Over the next ten years, the “Internet of Things” will become a reality and change our lives. Where today the internet reaches virtually anyone at anytime, anywhere, the same will become true for “anything”. The objects that inhabit our world will increasingly be connected.

Ericsson predicts there will be 50 billion new mobile connections by 2020. Through companies such as Ericsson and research from Swedish ICT, Sweden is at the forefront of this development and has a unique opportunity to take the lead. Swedish ICT has developed key technologies and a strong research base. For example, the operating system Contiki, developed by SICS, pioneered many new concepts now taken for granted in Internet Protocol-enabled, low-power smart devices. SICS, together with Ericsson, Cisco, and other major companies, co-founded the IPSO Alliance, an international driving force behind the Internet of Things.

Swedish ICT is now forming an Internet of Things Initiative to address this major challenge from multiple perspectives: technical infrastructure, applications, business models, users and society. The Internet of Things Initiative will leverage the unique expertise at the forefront of the developments in telecom, ICT, wireless embedded systems, and user-centric design. The Internet of Things is one of the key building blocks in the generic communication infrastructure needed to support smart grids, eHealth, and sustainable mobility of people and goods in a sustainable society.